What we offer.

At AV Beauty we offer acrylic extension services and gel nails. Only using trusted suppliers to source the best products and equipment.


A good set of acrylic nail extensions needs to have a good manicure prior to your extension service which will help your nail extensions last longer and look better when finished. That is why a manicure is included in all our nail extension services!

We have a great selection of colours to choose from.


At AV Beauty we also offer a great selection of nail art for your Acrylic'd and Gels. From simple dots and foils to gems and crystals. All nail art services look great with extensions feel free to show us something you have seen or just ask us to create something for you.

When should I get Acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions. Within a relatively quick amount of time, you can visually change the shape of your nails as well as adding your desired length and design, making acrylic nails a favourite for so many people.


With the industry moving on, professional nail technicians like us now use better quality products to achieve great looking nails, and to maintain the natural health of your real nail underneath.