We specialise in making women (and men) look like RED-CARPET-WORTHY SUPERSTARS.

Here at Aura Vision we have had worked with some of the UK's most popular musicians for their music videos wether its male or female, creating the perfect look for their concept to some of the UK's most popular actors in their drama series.




It’s not always about crazy amounts of makeup or curls or the same styles seen on so many. We create unique looks that work in harmony with what nature has blessed​ you with – achieving the most flattering, naturally beautiful looks. As if you were born this way.

With the right amount of makeup and perfect colour choices and techniques, as well as the IDEAL hair volume and placement you’ll be looking effortlessly stylish, chic and modern ready for any event, film set, or music video.

We’re always focused on getting the look that’s just right for you and our inspiration is often drawn from RED-CARPET events where the most up-to-date and incredible looks adorn the some of world’s most beautiful women. The Aura Vision team have a wide range of experience from music video to drama/documentary style TV productions.

Image by Glow Repose