The Aura Vision brand consists of two sides. Aura Vision Beauty & Aura Vision Film, both brought together under one roof as the Aura Vision Studios. Aura Vision was founded by Jay Parpworth and Lateeshia Anderson in 2019 with the inspiration behind the name coming from their adored daughter.


With over 10 years of experience within the music and film industry working with some of the most popular artists across globe, especially in the UK and gaining multiple awards within the industry Jay and Lateeshia decided to begin their new venture into the Aura Vision production company with aims to help expand their team and spread their talent

and knowledge with many more people.



Lateeshia is a fully qualified makeup and beauty consultant that has always had a big passion for the makeup industry. Although Aura Vision Beauty is quite new to the industry the ultimate goal is to branch out into cosmetics and to have a base where all clients can come to get glammed up and feel amazing.


Over the years of experience Lateeshia has had the pleasure of working with various talented creatives and musicians across the UK and Europe. Aura Vision Beauty provides make up and hairstyling services for all clients of all backgrounds to suit your personal needs whether it be a corporate event, birthday occasion, wedding or just a a hot date night trust and believe Lateeshia and the Aura Vision team will have you covered.


“There’s no better feeling than seeing someone smile after painting their face by my hands, and let's face it we all feel like we can conquer the world with a fresh beat face!” - Lateeshia Anderson.

-Makeup artist & Beauty consultant Lateeshia Anderson 


- Creative design

Neisha Loving Hamilton 


- Makeup artist

Fahmida Hannan